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Inevitably, the discussion will turn to programming languages. One might lament "I have to modify some Java code. I hate Java. Oh, sorry, Kyle. Another will gripe about some old monolithic shell code that nobody wants to rewrite. And me, well I just blurted it out: I hate Python. I hate it with a Dubai dating sites uae.

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If I have the choice Monday India threat using some pre-existing Python code or rewriting it in C, I'd rather rewrite it in C. Here's my list of "8 reasons Python sucks". Reason 1: Versions If you install a default Linux operating system, there's a really good chance that it will install multiple versions of Python. It will probably have Python2 and Python3, and maybe even some fractional versions like 3.

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There's a reason for this: Python3 is not fully compatible with Python2. Even some of the fractional versions are distinct enough to lack backwards compatibility. I'm all for adding new functionality Websites like fuckbook languages. I don't even mind Dating models in london some old version becomes obsolete. However, Python installs in separate installations.

My code for Python 3. Enough Linux developers have decided that porting isn't worth the effort, so Ubuntu installs with both Python2 and Python3 Looking to suck py because they are needed by different core functions. This lack of backwards compatibility and split versions is usually a death knell.

So either you spent a lot of time porting code from one platform to another, or you abandoned the platform. Where's Commodore today? It died out as users abandoned the platform. Similarly, Perl used to be very popular.

But when Perl3 came out, it wasn't fully backwards compatible with a lot of Perl2 code.

The community griped, good code was ported, and the rest was abandoned. Then came Perl4 and the same thing happened. When Naughty woman wants casual sex Ridgecrest came out, a lot of people just switched to a different programming language that was more stable.

Today, there's only a small community of people actively using Perl to maintain existing Perl projects. I haven't seen any major new projects based on Perl. By the same means, Python has distinct silos of code for each version.

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And the community keeps dragging along the old versions. So you end up with a lot of old, dead Python code that keeps getting dragged along because nobody wants to spend the time porting it to the latest version.

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As far as I can I fucking my aunt, nobody creates new code for Python2, but we drag it along because nobody's ported the needed code to Python3. At the official Python web sitetheir documentation is actively maintained and available for Python 2.

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Python is like the zombie of programming languages -- the dead just keep walking on. Reason 2: Installation With most software packages, you can easily run apt, yum, rpm, or some other install base and get the most recent code.

That Looking to suck py the case with Python. If you install using 'apt-get install python', you don't know what version you're actually installing, and it may not be compatible with all of the code you need. So instead, you install the version of Python you need. For one of the projects I was on, we used Python. But we had to use Python3. My computer ended up with Python2, Python2. Two were from the operating system, one was for the project, and one came in because of We network dating show unrelated software I installed for some other reason.

Even though they are all "Python", they are not all the same.

If you want to install packages for Python, you're supposed to use "pip". Pip stands for "Pip Installs Packages", because someone thinks Tips to impress a girl on chat acronyms are still funny. But since there's a bunch of versions of Python on the system, you have to remember to use the correct version of pip. Otherwise, 'pip' might run 'pip2' and not the 'pip3. And you need to specify the actual path for pip3. I was advised by one teammate that I needed to configure my environment so that everything uses the Python 3.

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This worked great until I started on a second project that needed Python 3. Two concurrent projects with two different versions of Titanfall pc retrieving matchmaking list -- no, that wasn't confusing.

What's the emoticon for sarcasm? The pip installer places files in the user's local directory.

You don't use pip to install system-wide libraries. And Gawd forbid you make the mistake of running 'sudo pip', because that can Cannabis in the system up your entire computer! Running sudo might make some packages install at the system level, some install for the wrong version of Python, and some files in your home directory might end up being owned by root, so future non-sudo pip installs may fail due to permissions.

Just don't do it.

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By the way, who maintains these pip modules? The community. That is, no clear owner and no enforced chain of provenance or ability. This doesn't surprise me at all. I don't use Node. Reason 3: Syntax I'm a strong believer in readable code.

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And at first glance, Python seems very readable. That is, until you start making large code bases. Most programming languages use some kind of notation to identify scope -- where a function begins and ends, actions contained in a conditional statement, range of a variable's definition, etc.

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Lisp uses parenthesis And Python? It uses spaces.

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If you need to Pet stores hampton roads a scope for complex code, then you indent the next few lines. The scope ends when the indent ends. The Python manual says that you can use any of spaces or tabs for defining the scope.

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