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Discover where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum.

Have you ever taken an introvert quiz and been left wondering? Ever heard the way people describe introverts and extroverts and wonder which way you would test?

Choose the answer that is most true for you, most of the time. When there is no perfect answer, pick the option you are most Only adult sex to.

To learn more about West springfield dating and extroversion, see the resources below. about what it means to be an introvert. Being an introvert or an extrovert is part of your innate temperament — the way that you gain energy and prefer to interact with the world.

Introversion and extroversion are both temperaments, and both are normal and healthy. About percent of the population are thought to be introverts.

You are shaped by both your genes and experiences. Research shows that you were likely born an introvert or extrovertand that preference will stick with you for life. Introverts will probably always have a preference for calm and solitude, while extroverts will thrive in more stimulating environments. However, people change. You have new experiences and learn new things.

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You grow and stretch as a person. In fact, research shows that people tend to change over their lifetime — and usually for the better. Likewise, extroverts can learn to slow down, listen more, and enjoy solitude.

Above all, honor your temperament — and also know that you can work on anything that holds you back. No two introverts or extroverts are exactly alike.

Each introvert has a different level of tolerance for stimulation. Introversion and extroversion are on a spectrum, meaning, they are not all-or-nothing traits.

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Everyone acts introverted at times and extroverted at other times. On the other hand, when you spend too much time fighting your nature, the opposite happens, and you end up depleting yourself. Working with your temperament Housewives want nsa Mocanaqua Pennsylvania 18655 than fighting against it will ultimately make you happier, more productive, and more present for the people in your life.

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Think you might be an Introvert?

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Are you oriented more towards the outer world or the inner world?

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I prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities.